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The story of Garrett Miles is inspiring and real.  Blind from birth, he has the God-given talent of music that most only dream about.  Since his youth, music has driven him to not only overcome his misfortune, but he uses it as a way to knock down barriers and bring joy to others.  After being told he may have a learning disability, he showed them they were wrong.


​Garrett attended Smiths Station High School where he graduated with honors. He then went on to earn an Associates Degree from Chattahoochee Valley Community College. Garrett now lives on his own and despite being visually impaired, is a pretty independent man.

How good is Garrett musically?  He has opened for the likes of George Jones, Ray Price, Tracy Lawrence, Blake Shelton and many more.  He had the honor of being a performer at the first annual Gulf Coast Jam in Panama City Beach, Florida in 2013.  

In 2015 he competed and made it to Hollywood on American Idol.  The judges said his voice was truly unique and his own.  He speaks and sings in Spanish as well and got to do a brief song for Jennifer Lopez in his American Idol Audition.

He recently did a tribute for one of his friends and heroes, the Legendary Randy Travis.

Garrett  is truly an Alabama treasure; with talent that some believe will put him right up there with the Country Music Icons.   And after years of hard work and preparation, All who believe in Garrett believe NOW is his time.

Stars may have fallen on Alabama, but they shine on Garrett Miles.

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