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Garrett Miles is a rising country star with a rapidly growing fan base. It may be his classic country vocals that get your attention but it is Garrett's musicality that will keep you listening. Whether he is strumming his guitar or turning heads with his sound of yesterday, his music has a way of reminding us all what we love about country music.​

Blind from birth, he has the God-given talent of music that most only dream about. Since a young age, music has driven him to to not only overcome his misfortune, but he uses it as a way to knock down barriers. He doesn't see it as a handicap, but as a way to bless others with his testimony. You can't miss Garrett in his signature Ray-bans!

Garrett can currently be found playing locally in Florence, Alabama and the surrounding areas. He is currently working on new music for his fans and getting in the studio as often as he can. Right now you can listen to his newly released single, A Blind Man Can See Christmas

Garrett has opened up for notable artists such as Blake Shelton, Tracy Lawrence, George Jones, BJ Thomas, Billy Joe Royal, Sammy Kershaw, Ray Price, Boots Randolph, Lee Greenwood, and The Platters. You may have even seen Garrett make an appearance on American Idol. Keep an eye out for Garrett in a town near you!

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